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Did Christian Slater fans spend less than $264 at the box office last week?

Christian slater's box office decline

At the end of 2012 Christian Slater won international attention for his outing in 'Playback' thanks to its dismal takings at the U.S box office. After earning just $252 in its opening weekend, the film never managed to sail past the price tag of a good-sized flat screen TV. At the end of its run, 'Playback' had earned just $264, quite far from the millions earned in Slater's previous movies.

Moving forward to 2013, and Christian Slater has again failed to win at the box office. Starring opposite Sylvester Stallone in 'Bullet to the Head', the film took just $4.5 million on opening weekend and entered 6th at the box office. Stallone has had some good fortune in recent hit 'Expendables 2' but his latest flick was his worst performing movie ever.

According to Cinema Blend, both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone's careers could be over, but not before Christian Slater's, it would seem.

However, I can't put all the blame on Slater or Stallone for this disaster. 'Bullet To the Head' struggled to gain traction because it was a concept and a story that we had seen Stallone play before in the "Get Carter" remake; also a flop. I also think that it was marketed in a way that didn't convey Stallone's brutish, grittiness in the right way. I kind of got the message in the trailer, but it didn't have a style to it and what surprised me was that Slater was in this movie at all. Where was the good supporting cast of character actors that would have really added intrigue?

It's sad to see both these actors struggle to regain their glory days. I still think Stallone and Slater could do really well in the coming years, and they don't deserve such a harsh critique (even from me). It's a very difficult business for any actor, and they both have done incredible things that most of us could never achieve.

Perhaps Slater fans did contribute more than a few hundred dollars, helping 'Bullet to the Head' reach $4.5 million, but for critics, that's just not going to impress.

What's next for Slater and Stallone?

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