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Christian Slater movie grossed $264 at U.S Box office

Actor Christian Slater's outing in indie horror flick 'Playback' managed to gross just $264 at the U.S box office this year.

Screening in 1 theatre, the film's opening weekend box office tally was $252, and ran for just 7 days according to Box Office Mojo. At the end of its run, it earned a further 12 dollars. If this is the case, and the average cinema ticket in 2012 was $7.94, then approximately 33 people paid to see this movie. If we subtract Slater's family, lost uncle and some close friends, this puts the general public's participation even lower.

What happened to Christian Slater? It was reported back in 2010 that he did a movie called 'Sacrifice' with Cuba Gooding Jr that had a budget of $4 million. This then went on to gross just $29k at the box office, although it only played in 11 theatres...Was this the nail in the coffin?

Having starred in such movies as 'True Romance', 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves', 'Broken Arrow' and played opposite Sean Connery in 'The Name of the Rose', the actor's career has gone from triumph to obscurity. At his career pinnacle in the mid 90s he reportedly earned $250k for his role in 'Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles'. Although it's not a multi-million dollar salary, Slater was never an A-list star, but he had a credible name and a big fan base for the movies that he did.

Will his career ever recover or is this game over?

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