After Crimea vote, Youtube suspends Russia Today


Russia Today blackout on Youtube

The Russia Today Youtube channel has been suspended due to "multiple or severe violations" blocking visitors from seeing any of the network's videos.

After the controversial vote on Sunday in Crimea, some may consider the timing of Russia Today's total suspension as politically motivated. However it is not the first time the news network has been taken off Youtube. Exactly two years ago, Russia Today claims the same thing happened, and it took hours to resolve. In fact, Youtube publicly stated their support for the channel and that it had been down due to technical reasons.

While we await to see what happens with Russia Today's news channel, it would seem that the ill timing of the suspension might lend itself to some mockery.

Youtube has become an important part of the media landscape, giving news networks the ability to reach more viewers with shorter content based around important news themes. It is unclear why the account was suspended and whether it has been hacked or issued DMCAs regarding its content.

Are these some of the 'costs' the U.S Government were referring to if President Putin does not withdraw his troops?

As of 9.15am GMT, the channel remained suspended.

Update: 10.50am The Youtube channel is now available

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