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Brad Pitt getting attacked on the red carpet was 'a blessing'

Ok first off, before we go into this, we don't in any way condone what happened to Brad Pitt on the red carpet, nor support any kind violence towards people, however what happened at the 'Maleficent' premiere was a blessing in disguise.

When news broke out that Brad had been allegedly 'punched in the face' the world media instantly amped this totally unreal event to the max.

As this prankster had a track record of crashing red carpets before, it was totally credible to highlight it and get readers to talk about how Brad Pitt was hurt.

Since this event, several great things have happened that have not only helped Brad Pitt, but they've given Angelina Jolie a big boost along with a win for Disney.

Over the weekend, 'Maleficent' earned an impressive $70 million. It was a huge smash for Angelina Jolie, and her career is on an all-time high following the release. A lot of the news coverage following Brad Pitt's misfortune generated huge exposure in the press for 'Maleficent'. As the event took place on the red carpet, the movie was automatically associated within every news report. Brad Pitt literally starred in this movie with the international attention he got, without ever being in it.

So in actual fact, when the attacker was charged, and condemned by the world, Brad Pitt earned a lot of sympathy from fans. On top of that, 'Maleficent' got such a huge boost that it became a conversation trend (certainly on our network it was huge news.)

Following this, Brad took some action, and of course the prankster, Vitalii Sediuk was given a red carpet ban, but again, with the full support of the media and fans.

As of today, Disney has gained an additional 126,000 articles highlighting the incident which may have significantly increased the opening weekend for the movie, along with boosting Angelina Jolie's box office credibility, her star power, and Brad's international respect.

So moving forward this attack turned out to be a blessing in disguise, and it will surely provide great opportunities for Pitt and Jolie in the future.

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