2309 entries received for first short film contest

2309 entries received for first short film contest


LONDON, UK, October 9, 2015 – Film Industry Network has received 2309 short film entries for its first contest from filmmakers around the world.

Films were received from 94 countries including the United States, Britain, Canada, Israel and France. Music videos as well as short films and student projects were submitted during the contest. Institutions participating included NYU, Rome University of Fine Arts, University of Exeter, Vancouver Film Schools, EICAR Paris, and Penn State University.

Film Industry Network members were invited to participate in the contest with chance of being featured and having their films showcased on the platform. Films of up to 10 minutes in length were submitted in multiple genres including horror, comedy and drama.

Each film will be judged on a variety of different technical traits including cinematography, sound, production design and story.

Winners will be notified and featured on Film Industry Network.

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