Film Industry Network Launches AMP News website

Film Industry Network Launches AMP News website


LONDON, UK, November 20, 2015 – Film Industry Network has launched its mobile website with Google’s new AMP open source initiative, accelerating mobile content delivery for users of smartphones and tablet devices.

The new AMP built mobile site will replace Film Industry Network’s current website, speeding up page speeds by a factor of 10x for users around the world.

Announced just last month on October 7th as part of Google’s European Digital News Initiative, Film Industry Network began immediately to implement the new technology alongside some of the world’s other leading publishers including CNN and The New York Times.

Film Industry Network’s new AMP powered content will give users an easier to navigate mobile optimized site wherever they are in the world, and drastically reduce the page size – an important factor in making news content more accessible to developing nations with rapid growth in internet usage such as India and Nigeria.

Film Industry Network’s current mobile website will no longer be available as of today and users will be automatically reverted to the AMP version of the website if browsing on a smartphone or tablet. All Film Industry Network content served via AMP will also appear in Google with accelerated viewing – providing near instant access to content for users around the world, and hosted on Google servers.

To see Film Industry Network’s mobile website via a desktop, users can navigate it by using the /AMP extension on any article page. To find out more visit:

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