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5 reasons Phil Robertson can't make the same mistake again

Controversial comments would be damaging

Phil Robertson has been reinstated on A&E Networks after an online petition called for his return to the 'Duck Dynasty' show but he will face increased scrutiny that will make it impossible for him to make the same mistake again.

What mistake is that? Being too frontal with is views that are not in line with 'Duck Dynasty' and the message it sends out to the fans. After doing a controversial interview with GQ, A&E had no choice but to suspend him after his views were made public on homosexuality, which he compared to bestiality. This didn't bode well with some of Hollywood's elite, including outspoken actor, Charlie Sheen but his fans have come back to support him.

A&E released a statement a short while ago regarding the reinstatement, but now, Robertson won't be able to slip up again, and here's why :

The 5 Reasons

1. The cost of doing another interview and making a controversial statement could cause huge embarrassment and damage A&E Networks' reputation, and they are clearly taking a risk to reinstate him

2. The careful game of PR in this context means that A&E have no choice but to trust Phil Robertson. They make it very clear in the released statement that they discussed closely with the Robertson family and advocacy groups before re-instating him. This means..there's no room for error.

3. Any further inflammatory comments from the 'Duck Dynasty' star could lead to lawsuits, protests, Hollywood blockades, and unpredictable consequences. It's a touchy subject, and the show shouldn't be put into that firestorm.

4. The cost to A&E of suspending productions, changing schedules, or cancelling entire episodes due to any further backlash could cost millions in lost revenue. Advertisers could also walk from the network if their star is seen as a troublemaker.

5. The blogosphere is so connected to this story that any slip up will go viral instantly. There is absolutely no chance any controversy won't go uncovered, so Robertson has to watch what he says in private and public.

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