After 30 years Eddie Murphy returns to SNL for 73.2 seconds

The SNL 40th anniversary reunion brought back Eddie Murphy to the stage after a 30 year absence, but his short appearance didn't go quite as planned.

For several minutes the audience sat impatiently as Chris Rock rambled on about what was yet to come, and given that the hype for Eddie Murphy's return was huge, people just couldn't wait for Rock to end his introduction.

As Murphy entered the studio, he received a standing ovation. The actor then thanked everyone and SNL and said that it, "feels like going back to my old high school."

Eddie Murphy's SNL reunion

After 70 seconds of thanking, he was gone, which left audiences underwhelmed according to viewers on social media.

The actor, who has recently focused more on his music career, had been expected to do some form of stand-up however during his brief appearance, monitors failed and Murphy lost the momentum, which was then edited out by the show's producers.

Did you watch the 40th anniversary of SNL? What did you think of Eddie Murphy's epic comeback?

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