100,000 demand Piers Morgan's deportation

Petition goes through the roof

Piers Morgan defended earlier this week his comments about gun laws but faces an increasing hostility to his style.

The petition to remove the CNN host from the U.S has grown into a movement of more than 100,000 people. As the numbers continue to grow, and the Piers Morgan petition reaches 3rd place in the White House 'We The People' list, will it get even more traction? Piers defended his advocacy via the Daily Mail in an in-depth look at what is at stake. The host has bashed gun laws for weeks in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings, but not everyone is in tune with his ideas. Despite this, there are other petitions that have grown much larger in the past few months.

A petition back in 2012, started by Angelo Carusone demanding Donald Trump be 'fired' from Macy's gathered more than 675,000 signatures. The backlash cost Macy's it's most loyal customers across a range of demographics. Although this current petition to deport Morgan is likely advocated by pro-gun groups, are there other reasons for Piers' repatriation to the UK? Does he irritate you? Should a British host be so vocal on an American show?

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