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'World War Z 2' is a go with Brad Pitt and Juan Antonio Bayona

World War Z sequel gets new director

The success of 'World War Z' has led Paramount to greenlight the sequel with Brad Pitt coming on-board as a producer along with director Juan Antonio Bayona.

Without Marc Forster directing the sequel, Paramount and Skydance Production searched for a new visionary to helm the next instalment of the summer blockbuster. Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona has been confirmed as the film's new director, whose former credits include 'The Impossible', 'The Orphanage', and two episodes of 'Penny Dreadful', a TV series starring former James Bond star Timothy Dalton and Eva Green.

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'World War Z' had a budget of $190 million but faced numerous re-shoots and script changes. Leading up to its release, it was predicted to flop, which it didn't. In fact, the Zombie action thriller earned $202 million domestically and went on to gross $540 million worldwide.

The enormous success of 'World War Z' made it the 10th highest grossing film of the year at the US box office, beating 'Thor: The Dark World' and 'The Wolverine'.

It is not yet known what the budget for Paramount's latest instalment will be. More to follow

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