World leaders kiss in new sensational Unhate Foundation ad

Benetton’s ‘Unhate’ campaign has unleashed controversial pictures of world leaders kissing to promote tolerence in society. This is by far the most visually interesting use of photoshop I have seen in a non-profit campaign this year.

What better way then to promote controversy by making our leaders ‘kiss’ eachother? Well the idea is more than just an eye-catcher, it’s a creative mind ‘opener’ for other organizations seeking to get the attention of bloggers and world media.

I also have to say, looking at the way the Unhate Foundation has made their images and website accessible to people is also the reason for its huge success these past 24 hours. The more images, videos and interactivity NGOs and government provide the better. The publishing industry has often distorted the reality between the relationships of our world leaders and this kind of campaign gives hommage to that mockery, in my interpretation.

Who really knows how they feel about each other except they themselves? But why not illustrate this bond through images to highlight something different, provocative but that is not necessarily offensive, however, for those featured in the pictures, I can understand that even the freedom of expression can sometimes be a bit too much.

Have a look at the Unhate Foundation’s new video campaign

Log on to the Unhate Foundation for more information

What do you think of the Unhate Foundation’s use of photoshop, videos and web marketing?

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