Woman in her 30s threatened to blow up Disney Hotel

A woman in her mid 30s has been arrested after threatening to blow up Disney's Sequoia Lodge Hotel in France.

Local reports have confirmed that the evacuation of Disneyland Paris was ordered after a woman from Marseille shouted from her hotel window and claimed to be Hayat Boumeddiene, a suspect in the murder of a Police officer killed Thursday morning.

The woman who was said to be on holiday was making the threats as a joke but will now face a trial as early as Monday.

The evacuation alert at Disneyland Paris was lifted a short while ago, and guests at the Disney Hotel were given the all clear to return to their rooms.

As France remains on high alert, police presence has been beefed up at public spaces. A cordon of armed officers was seen at the Disneyland theme park shortly after the threat had been made, illustrating the heightened tensions and response, whilst several suspects connected to the attacks in Paris remain at large.

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