Disneyland Paris 'evacuated', 500 extra troops sent

500 extra soldiers have been deployed in Paris Saturday while Disneyland has been partially evacuated following a possible security threat.

According to local reports, people were ordered to stay in the Disney Hotel while armed police began evacuating the public from the theme park.

Guests who had booked rooms were then given the all clear shortly afterwards as the threat appeared to be a false alarm.

Police are currently searching for an individual who escaped the hostage siege on Friday in Paris. With security tightened on public transport, at stations, in public spaces and airports, France is on its highest alert.

Following the dramatic intervention by France's GIGN anti-terror unit yesterday, public services have faced disruption as French security services maintain a high level of readiness with several temporary evacuations ordered in the past 24 hours.

France announced yesterday that it had deployed over 88,000 personnel to the Ile de France region, calling up army reserves and trained police officers to protect public spaces.

Disneyland Paris held a one minute of silence on Thursday for the victims of the Charlie Hebdo shooting which left 12 people dead including 2 police officers. A national unity rally will be held on Sunday in Paris with EU leaders attending including David Cameron and Angela Merkel.

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