William Shatner blocks radio host Todd Schnitt on Twitter over jet deal

William Shatner held a Twitter funeral today for Leonard Nimoy but also got into a fight with radio host Todd Schnitt after he supposedly offered him a jet donation.

Star Trek fans had called for a jet to be sent to help Shatner get back to LA from Florida which got the attention of conservative talk radio host Todd Schnitt who reached out to Shatner about a private jet hire.

Shatner got the message but realized that the email he received wasn't an offer to help him out.

The actor then decided to block the radio host on Twitter and asked for him to donate the money he was supposedly going to fork out for the flight to the Red Cross in Nimoy's memory.

Despite not being able to go to Leonard Nimoy's funeral today, William Shatner's daughters are said to be attending. In the last few hours Shatner held a Q and A with the fans and spoke passionately about his friend in what was billed as a 'Twitter funeral'.

We now wait to see whether a Red Cross donation will be made from Todd Schnitt and acknowledged by William Shatner (or not).

UPDATE: William Shatner has just landed in LA and will make it to Nimoy's funeral after all.

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