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Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to time travel in MIB 3

MIB 3 is set to reunite Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and film director Barry Sonnenfeld, but how will it stay fresh?

Josh Brolin will be a new addition to the film's cast, playing a younger Agent Kay. Although rumours were reported that Tommy Lee Jones would be replaced in MIB 3, Brolin himself has denied this.

Moving forward, MIB 3 is set to get a 3D treatment along with a revamped story that will take audiences back in time, as Brolin's character will portray Agent Kay from the past. As ever, more details on the story have yet to be released, but the 3rd outing of the Men In Black franchise could be the last.

Other casting choices for MIB 3 have been rumoured including Sacha Baron Cohen to play a new agent, and that the film is being loosely based on a script written by "Tropic Thunder" screenwriter Etan Cohen.

Will Smith, who has become a prolific Hollywood producer as well as an actor, is set to make the latest action film a 3D smash hit, with his worldwide appeal. The recently released The Karate Kid remake earned $50 million in its opening weekend, starring Will Smith s son Jaden Smith. The film was highly praised, and starred Jackie Chan as a Kung Fu Master.

The original Men In Black movie, released in 1997 was a smash hit, raking in $250 million at the US box office alone. The film also sealed Will Smith as one of Hollywood s most powerful stars, as audiences rushed to see him on screen after the success of previous hit Independence Day .

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