Why the new GAP logo was a sensational marketing campaign

SAN FRANCISCO, USA - The fiasco over the embarrassing new GAP logo has become a web hit, as the clothes giant reverts back to the old school design.

People across the world were amazed at how a big company, and global brand could release such an unprofessional, cheesy and undesirable logo. From graphics designers to school teachers, customers were venting, mocking and criticizing the new GAP logo. However, despite the outcry, and the reversal of its planned release, GAP has benefited enormously from the logo blunder.

The brand inadvertently created a marketing frenzy over the very controversy and its decision to reverse the changes shows how the company is listening to its customers. Sure, people might say it was obvious that they would do so, however, the sheer online enthusiasm and debate over the logo will no doubt bolster its image worldwide as stories recirculate for weeks on end about the incident.

Social media and blogs also played a role in the marketing of the story, that went viral. Companies in the film industry looking to generate buzz out of a controversy for a movie, a product launch or an event should take note of this success, although creating controversy is not usually the best way to garner publicity. However, creativity in product launches can become viral thanks to public debate.

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