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Why a filmmaker in your business can bring you clients


Businesses and filmmakers = digital victory

We're witnessing an explosion of video content online in 2013, particularly fuelled by a growing demand for short films on gadgets like smartphones and tablets. With Youtube investing millions in high quality video channels, professional channels and high quality content is being produced for online audiences, and businesses should take note of the trend. 

Custom video content, in the form of people blogs, how tos, series, and more is becoming very popular and audiences are looking for it. With short films becoming the most important digital medium of communication, it's a no brainer why people should turn to video content to help grow their businesses.

Filmmaking is at the heart of creating good video content, and finding the right people to collaborate with or hire, is even more tricky. There is creativity within every industry regardless of the business you are in. As the web becomes a mainstream communication tool, business brands can be conveyed through video platforms like Youtube, to create a closer connection between you, the service provider, and the customer.

There are lots of people out there, particularly young people, without jobs, who have digital skills and can be valuable assets to companies big and small. With custom video channels designed for businesses, customers can connect with what you do on a more personal level. We know this status quo, but being able to create the right narrative for your business online is not easy, and does require someone with technical abilities and the know-how to create compelling visual stories.

So I say this to all business entrepreneurs and CEOs, if you know a filmmaker, or are good with a camera, consider making videos a major part of your digital marketing drive. Short films are becoming the most important communication tool, and it's only going to help you reach out to people looking for your services, products and creativity. (+ you can build a customer base around them.)

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