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Vera Farmiga to star in Pure Life with Elle Fanning

Vera Farmiga has signed on to Pure Life starring opposite Elle Fanning. The film depicts the story of a young girl raised in a poor background looking for teen romance and seeks to find a boy worthy of taking her virginity.

Vera Farmiga will play a short tempered, hard working mother, who faces many personal challenges including that of raising her daughter. The indie production, scheduled to shoot later this spring, will be directed by Van Fischer.

Vera Farmiga at the Oscars

Up in the Air starring George Clooney and Vera Farmiga was highly praised, receiving several Oscar nominations. Farmiga was nominated for Best Actress in a supporting role as Alex.

The film gave her international acclaim and has since propelled her to new heights recently starring opposite Keanu Reeves in Henry's Crime

Vera Farmiga: As an actor, you're sort of the court-appointed lawyer of the character. And that's what used to draw me to scripts -- something in a woman that I wanted to defend, something that I recognized or wanted to understand, something that turned my head. Now that I'm a mother, I think it's more the message of a film, or the questions that they pose about life -- that's the magnifying glass through which I look at them now. But at first it was all about the character.

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