Universal releases Official Paul Walker tribute video

Remembering Paul Walker

Actor Paul Walker has been remembered in a special commemorative video.

After his tragic death, Universal announced that they would be putting a halt to the production of 'Fast and Furious 7' to support the actor's family.

The news of his tragic accident was announced on his official Facebook page hours after the crash had been reported, and has received over 2 million likes and thousands of comments of condolences from fans.

Universal has now uploaded a special tribute video showing a montage of various 'Fast & Furious' moments to honor his memory.

Paul Walker Tribute

It is not known when Universal Pictures will restart production on 'Fast & Furious 7' however, it is unlikely that Walker's death will lead to the end of the franchise. Due to the sensitive nature of Walker's passing, it is understandable that a moment of pause and reflection is needed for everyone in the crew, and to give time for the family to mourn.

We do anticipate an announcement from the studio in coming weeks indicating when the production could be restarted. This will likely effect the current July release date for the film, but nothing can be confirmed for now.

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