Universal re-think: Kristen Stewart fan base bigger than all co-stars

Chris Hemsworth can't carry 'Snow White' sequel alone

If the sequel to 'Snow White and the Huntsman' is to become a spinoff without Kristen Stewart, I don't think it's going to be well received without its main female lead.

Stewart is one of the biggest online actresses right now and the marketing aspect for anything related to 'Snow White 2' is going to be muted without her involvement.

The film grossed approximately $390 million worldwide, which is not stellar for this big release, so re-inventing it without her, I think, is not going to sustain the franchise in the way it was originally envisaged.

According to THR, Universal had originally decided to make two Snow White films with Stewart, and a third which would be a spin-off. Chris Hemswoth may be a formidable actor, and command a big following, but his success in 'Thor' should not be confused with that of this movie. They are two different franchises, and for me 'Snow White and the Huntsman 2' could bring on new characters with Stewart and Hemsworth back in the sequel.

I also think that the recent hype over Kristen Stewart's love affair is not a good reason to ditch her, if that was the case. In fact, Stewart is now ironically a bigger star thanks to this gossip which will eventually fade, and she will get back on track.

Just to add to my argument, check out the global search volume (as of this month) for the movie's top stars. These actors are worlds apart, and Stewart is overwhelmingly ahead in first place.

Star popularity (searches per month)

  • Kristen Stewart : 4,090,000
  • Charlize Theron : 1,220,000
  • Chris Hemsworth : 823,000
  • Sam Claflin : 74,000
  • Ray Winstone : 40,500
  • Bob Hoskins : 27,100
  • Sam Spruell : 1900

Source Google

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