How will Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders get their groove back?

Kristen Stewart romance shatters Robert Pattinson

After 7 years of marriage, Rupert Sanders has an uphill battle to restore a fractured home after hooking up with Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart, one of Hollywood's most popular stars also has to come to the terms with the massive media hysteria over this. There are endless stories that talk about whether Robert Pattinson will take her back, whether Rupert Sanders can save his marriage, or whether Kristen will have a total breakdown.

According to People Magazine a reconciliation between Sanders and his wife Liberty Ross is not in the works.

Hollywood Life reports that Kristen Stewart has become very depressed and "hasn't showered in days".

But I'll say this. I hope the 4 of them can work it out and avoid the trap of getting caught up in all this talk. It's not exactly Stewart's 'finest hour' but it's time to move on and for her to focus on her winning career, and hopefully rekindle that broken relationship. Then I would say the same to the three other fractured people in this group, who I hope can move forward.

What do you think?

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