Tyler Perry film studio complex could create up to 8300 jobs in Atlanta

Plans for a new film studio to be built on Fort McPherson in Atlanta could create up to 8300 local jobs.

Filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry recently acquired the closed army post in June and is currently working to develop a film studio, potentially with an ampitheater and museum. The new film studio alone would employ up to 5000 workers on contracts and in full-time positions.

Plans for the studios are currently being finalized according to local reports, with a deal sealed to acquire 330 acres of land for around $30 million.

There will be considerable hurdles to re-develop the area which could require $50 million to upgrade infrastructure, but the City of Atlanta has estimated that up to 8300 jobs will be created locally. The film studio would also produce between 10 and 20 movies at a time, hiring staff of 200-300 people per production.

Due to the post 2008 recession the area suffered a significant economic downturn but there is hope that Perry's new plan could bring productions and much needed investment back to Atlanta, boosting local jobs and tourism.

With a recent surge in studio hires and a recovering economy, film industry jobs are on the rise, and with more demand for content, Atlanta could become a new creative hub for filmmakers in the near future. The MPAA recently released figures showing how film and TV production jobs had contributed $47 billion in wages with a jump of 5% on sales for the whole industry year-on-year as domestic demand improved in 2013 despite lower box office revenues.

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