Twitter down : Total worldwide blackout

Twitter is down this afternoon with no announcement yet from the company as to why. The site is also out of reach when users try to log in worldwide.

As a platform for sharing news, opinions and more, it's quite ironic that the web's most up-to-date information delivery service is offline. This is not the first outage that Twitter has experienced, however when big services go down, there are inevitable inconveniences for businesses who use the #tag to promote products. Other major websites have been affected in the past including a very embarassing Gmail outage that forced over 100 million customers to wait for hours to access their inbox. With so much reliance on services like Twitter, Facebook and other social sites, can the web communicate easily without them?

We will wait for Twitter to announce what the situation is but for now there appears to be no service and their website is offline.

This is the latest update from Twitter

- Twitter is back up for some users..but in sporadic intervals...more to come

- Twitter service and search is back online but remains intermittent...

- Twitter is running near normal.

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