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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 doesn't make it..

Breaking Dawn Part 2 miss

The final chapter : 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' has just missed the box office record of the franchise's $142.8 million opening for 'New Moon' in 2009.

Suffice to say this year's total opening was $141.3 million, still an astronomical start for a franchise that has kept its word to its fan base of young teens. This comes after the movie opened with $30.4 million in its first night.

The red carpet premiere of 'Breaking Dawn Part 2" was streamed live by Yahoo with a big fan event ahead of its release and created much hype on the web.

According to the LA Times, this final film could "easily become the highest-grossing domestic film in the "Twilight" franchise", but we will wait to see if the domestic demand for the movie holds up till Christmas. However, with the movies now at their end, will this be the last time we speak about this chapter in motion picture history?

After 5 movies, the Twilight franchise has continued to draw fans to the box office, and despite this being the last film in this epic saga, it is likely that we will see some future "Twilight" in the years to come. Let's see what Hollywood comes up with!

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