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Tree of Life starring Brad Pitt wins Cannes Palme D'or

Robert De Niro stood up to a packed audience of 2500 in Cannes to announce that ‘The Tree Of Life’ had won the Palme D’or.

Brad Pitt was also producer on the film, directed by Terrence Malick, which has proved popular with the Cannes Film Festival jury. Earlier in the week, reviews had been mixed, and there were even attempts to shoot down the film’s eventual success. Sean Penn also co-stars in the movie.

What does this mean for ‘The Tree Of Life’? Well, after winning the 64th Cannes Film Festival, the film, will surely get a bigger international box office.

Earlier in the week, other competition selections were announced including the short film Cinefondation competition and ‘Un Certain Regard’.

What do you think about this year’s festival? Have you seen any of the films in the selection?

Tree Of Life trailer

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