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Transformers 4 will re-define Mark Wahlberg's career

Good reviews for 'Transformers : Age of Extinction' have cemented this movie as a defining moment and a positive leap forward for Mark Wahlberg's career.

As a leading man in a globally recognized action franchise, Wahlberg stars in his biggest outing ever, and thanks to Michael Bay's new direction, this moment will re-shape how the industry views (and negotiates) with him.

It's taken years for the actor to become a lead, and although he's starred in many action movies like 'Shooter', 'Max Payne' and 'Three Kings', Mark Wahlberg has never been considered a true A-lister to the same caliber as George Clooney, Brad Pitt or Matt Damon. But now he's part of a massive franchise, and he's got everything he needs to go to the top.

It was just last year that Wahlberg proved himself like never before when he built up a seriously impressive physique for 'Pain & Gain'. The role required enormous mental discipline and dedication to personal fitness in order that he could come across authentically. Matching his co-star Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock was a huge undertaking, and he had to be more present and intimidating than him.

Wahlberg made 'Pain & Gain' a much bigger film, and although it wasn't a $200 million epic, it had panache. It was a very entertaining movie, and he brought lot of energy to his character which set him up nicely for another Bay collaboration down the road. In the end, wahlberg told us he was ready for something really big, and working with Michael Bay again in 'Transformers 4' has sealed the deal.

The movie is estimated to score a $100 million opening, and could be the biggest release at the box office this year. What will Mark Wahlberg do now that he's become an 'official' action star?


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