This $25 million movie is never going to see the light of day


Amazon Studios has indefinitely postponed the release of “A Rainy Day in New York” after spending an estimated $25 million on the production.

Following the rise of the Me Too movement, the film faced increased scrutiny when its director, Woody Allen, was linked to an alleged incident of sexual assault dating back to 1992. The subsequent media coverage and negativity around Woody Allen’s alleged misconduct placed pressure on Amazon Studios to ditch the movie altogether.

Despite signing a 4 picture deal with Woody Allen, Amazon Studios has for the time being, decided not to release the film, and it may never be shown. Director Woody Allen has taken legal action against Amazon Studios for damages claiming that the 25-year-old allegation “is baseless” and that the company is in breach of contract.

A number of cast members of the film decided to donate their salaries to the Time’s Up fund in response to the allegations which continue to receive media attention. The LGBT Center of New York also received donations.

While the film was eagerly anticipated, following the backlash surrounding Allen’s alleged sexual abuse, it is now difficult to see how Amazon Studios can distribute the film without a public outcry - potentially affecting the reputation of its business and the cast involved.

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