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The world's first Cat Cinema is coming to London

The dawn of a new era approaches as an ambitious crowdfunding campaign gets underway to fund the world's first ever Cat Cinema.

The Cat Cinema promises to bring Londoners a space where they can bring their cats, a cake, and a cup of tea into screenings. In addition to the feline fun, the Founders want to raise awareness of cat adoption. 10 cats will be adopted from a shelter while 'Cat Welfare Workshops' and seminars will also take place at the venue.

For cataholics and film enthusiasts, this probably sounds like a dream come true but the team have so far raised just 4% of their funding goal (at the time of writing) to make it happen.

Great Kitten : The Cat Cinema

Other benefits of the Cat Cinema include, "Reduced Stress and Lower Blood Pressure," and special weekly screenings for people struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

The Cat Cinema will feature 10 films every week from blockbusters to arthouse releases.

Do you have a kitten you want to bring along to a screening?

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