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The dWeb launches dystopian animation short film to showcase the possible future of decentralization


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The dWeb have revealed their latest short animated film “What is Our Future?” which depicts the clash between a utopian and dystopian future.

With the acceleration of the decentralized web, there’s a growing momentum for Web 3.0 technologies and interest around their application. The filmmakers behind the decentralized web guide’s latest animation created an atmospheric “Blade Runner” meets “Futurama” short that takes audiences on a journey through a high tech city littered with crime and rebellious citizens.

Film fans of “Escape from New York” and “Blade Runner 2049” can experience a dystopian landscape in the short where a sophisticated future meets lawlessness, with armed citizens seeking to create their own kind of freedom and a new order of society.

Video: What is Our Future?

Video produced by DavidDavis with sound design by Pipoca Sound.

The comedic take on our future aims to illustrate the balance between businesses, government and the people, as well as the possible evolution of democracy. With the decentralization becoming increasingly prevalent in pop culture, many internet users are starting to discover new opportunities and applications that have only emerged in the past year.

With the success of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there’s been a shift in perspectives on how the blockchain and decentralized applications can play a role in society. With that evolution comes uncertainty as to how the world sees its future, and who will be in control of it.

While we’re just at the beginning of a technological revolution, the film industry is already adapting to the business model with cryptocurrency as one component. Recently, film rights have been sold as NFTs, with other creative assets from pictures to videos being sold online digitally, and via the blockchain.

The dWeb guide website provides insights into how Web 3.0 is evolving, with a directory of articles and in-depth resources that can be accessed online for free.

The question remains, what will our digital future look like? Will we move towards a decentralized approach, or will there be an alternative system that replaces the current web as we know it?

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