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Terminator 2 star Edward Furlong joins 'Star Trek : Renegades'

Edward Furlong - Terminator 2 1991 © Carolco Pictures

The pre-production for 'Star Trek : Renegades' is already underway thanks to a successful Kickstarter project that has exceeded all expectations.

'Terminator 2' actor Edward Furlong now joins the rapidly expanding cast of actors already attached to 'Star Trek : Renegades', directed by Tim Russ, former 'Star Trek : Voyager' actor.

With just over 70 hours to go, 'Star Trek : Renegades' has already received 1963 donations totalling over $220,000. With a formidable team backing this project, it's clear to see why the film has such a big potential, and with Star Trek fans hungry for more sci-fi adventure, it's the right time to make a new movie. After 7 years without a TV series, it's clear that the demand for sci-fi action is as strong as ever.

With the addition of Edward Furlong, who played John Connor opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger back in 1991, this new Star Trek mission continues to expand on its very diverse cast.

Tim Russ recently revealed his technique on how to get the best performances from actors on set:

"The best technique is to cast actors who are good at what they do to begin with.  Then it just comes down to adjustments on set. Depending on the scene, I will tweak a moment here and there sometimes for actors who are not as experienced, or actually demonstrate what I’m looking for, or if myself or the actor wants to try something different on a take, I’ll shoot it a couple different ways so we have it and choose which works best during the editing."

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The confirmed cast for 'Star Trek : Renegades' includes Tim Russ, Adrienne Wilkinson, J.G. Hertzler, Walter Koenig, Gary Graham, Garrett Wang, Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips, Manu Intiraymi, Richard Herd, Larissa Gomes, Tarah Paige, Vic Mignogna, Monica Keena, Corin Nemec and Courntney Peldon.

Find out more about the film via the official website.

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