This is the Star Wars version of Harrison Ford's plane crash

A new parody video of Harrison Ford's plane crash has hit the web in 'style', re-edited for Star Wars fans who have a good sense of humor.

Thankfully Ford survived the crash and will make a full recovery but that didn't stop filmmaker Fede Alvarez from sharing the 'real' eyewitness report.

In the video, bystanders are shocked as they see the Millennium Falcon flying out of control with a big plume of smoke coming out the back. After some nose diving, the Millennium Falcon crash lands and explodes…With some very corny sound effects.

Harrison Ford plane crash parody

It is not clear whether Alvarez made the edit himself but there are no other videos online that have been made public with this footage.

Alvarez, originally from Uruguay, was discovered after uploading a short film on Youtube that became an international hit. The special effects in 'Ataque de Panico!' was groundbreaking at the time and caught the eye of Hollywood studios. He went on to write and direct the 2013 'Evil Dead' remake.

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