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Star Wars like you've never seen it before

Star Wars poster from Nicolas Alejandro

Star Wars posters

Digital illustrator and graphic designer Nicolas Alejandro has created a new series of Star Wars movie posters that highlight the franchise's most memorable characters.

With an artistic touch and a rich set of colors, Alejandro has captured the sincerity and emotion of each figure, giving the posters a life of their own. The digital illustrator has released a poster for each of the 6 star wars movies that also includes a special eye reflection technique to bring out the intensity in each of the featured characters. The Argentina based illustrator has also released other incredible posters which you can find on his facebook page.

Star Wars movie posters

Should Disney be hiring this guy to do the Star Wars 7 movie posters?

Revenge of the Sith

Attack of the Clones

The Phantom Menace

Return of the Jedi

The Empire Strikes Back

A new hope

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