Star Wars casting assistant to reveal audition secrets to actors

Lauren Evans, casting assistant for Nina Gold (Star Wars 7, Game of Thrones) will attend a film networking event in London this week to give tips to actors to help them prepare for future auditions.

The 'Rising Tides' forum will be held on Monday July 7th and feature a host of film industry professionals providing advice and insight during several Q and A sessions. (event details below)

A selection of short films, music videos and actor showreels will also be featured at the upcoming event and actors are invited to submit their videos to Lauren for review.

Presented by actress Jessica Doherty and a team of writer/directors, the Rising Tides networking event will be the first in a series of gatherings for the local film industry and actors as well as filmmakers are invited to attend.

"As an actress/writer/producer creating original work in London, I realised how many talented young filmmakers there are out there and how few platforms there were to showcase their work and share ideas." - Jessica Doherty

It was just a few months ago that thousands of actors in the US and UK went to select castings in major cities to get roles in the upcoming 'Star Wars: Episode 7' which is currently being filmed at Pinewood Studios in the UK.

As more and more Hollywood productions are being shot in the UK, London has increasingly become a hub for American and British film talent to meet.

For actors based outside the UK you can still send in your showreels for inclusion in upcoming events.

Rising Tides


Notting Hill Arts Club
21 Notting Hill Gate, W11 3JQ.
Tube: Notting Hill Gate
6pm -12pm

Contact details + submissions

[email protected]
Info: 020 7460 4459
Booking details

What's included

Q&A Presentation

Lauren Evans, assistant to top Casting Director Nina Gold (Game Of Thrones, Star Wars), gives a short presentation and Q&A to actors, full of top tips for what Casting Directors look for in showreels, headshots and resumes, giving a great audition and getting seen as an actor.

Four-Hour Filmmaking

Based on suggestions from the audience at the beginning of the night, The Rising Tides filmmakers will attempt to write, shoot, edit and screen a short film - all in one night. Participants should get to the venue early if they want to be included in this exercise.

Famous Film Scene Recreations

Running throughout the night, there will be the opportunity to recreate famous film scenes. Anyone can get involved and people will be provided with a script, props and costume pieces, and shoot it all on a green screen.

Music Videos and Actor Showreel Screenings

Actors can submit their showreels to be viewed by Lauren Evans via [email protected], and filmmakers can also submit music videos.

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