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Star Wars 7 : Return of the Tumblr and other gadgets

Lucasfilm ups their game

We're getting close to the start of production on 'Star Wars 7' but ahead of the film's much anticipated shoot, we've been given an extra special treat.

It would seem that the team at Lucasfilm have decided to up their game on the social web by launching their first ever tumblr page dedicated to Star Wars.

On top of this highly scientific breakthrough, the team have also released an exclusive, animated gif picture that shows our much beloved friendly robot, R2-D2, projecting some faces of what could be hidden Star Wars cast members? We just don't know.

Check out the Tumblr blog for more information.

Is this the beginning of a new era in social media interaction for 'Star Wars'? Never before in the history of the franchise has technology, social sharing and engagement been so close.

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