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Spy Manor Productions announces collaboration with Production Algarve


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Spy Manor Productions and Production Algarve initiated this week a long-term collaboration to raise the profile of the Algarve region as a destination for the global Media & Entertainment Industry.

Both Spy Manor Productions and Production Algarve are film production companies based in the Algarve region of Portugal, and provide support to film productions including film locations and professional services to the entertainment industry.

Portugal is currently the third safest country according to the Global Peace Index. As well as offering lower rates for technical equipment hire and varied and unique filming locations, the Portuguese government provides attractive incentives aiming to encourage international companies to film in Portugal. Among them is the Tourism, Film and Audiovisual Support Fund which has a budget of €12 million per year.

Government initiatives alongside the marketing support of the Portuguese Film Commission have already attracted 40 productions to the country.

Vanda Everke, Founder and Executive Producer at Spy Manor Productions said: “We are excited to unite forces with Film Production Algarve during a very important moment for the Portuguese Media & Entertainment industry. Our combined expertise, activities and network will have a significant impact on the local sector."

Nina Klunder, owner and director of Productions Algarve said: “As a company with extensive experience in Film and TV productions in the Algarve, Production Algarve is always focused on serving our clients in the best way possible and extending our professional film production network worldwide. We are therefore pleased to announce our collaboration with Spy Manor Productions in both developing the local film market and promoting the Algarve as one of the best and most diverse film locations in Europe.”

To learn more about Spy Manor Productions visit the official website. You can also discover Production Algarve's filmmaking services.

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