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Spike Lee hasn't seen 'Django Unchained' : Is his beef with Tarantino?

Film director Spike Lee has criticized Quentin Tarantino's new film 'Django : Unchained' even though he admits he hasn't seen it.

Lee believes that Tarantino's new 'slavery epic' is portrayed in the style of a "Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western". He added in his own words that the film was "disrespectful to my ancestors."

While Spike Lee's opinion may have gone super viral, and started a debate about the depiction of slavery in motion pictures, was Tarantino's intention really to divide people over this contentious issue?

When Tarantino directed 'Jackie Brown', starring Samuel L Jackson, Chris Tucker, Robert De Niro and more, Lee attacked his direction, saying that the use of n-words in the movie were excessive. Despite the cult following Samuel L Jackson has built with fans over the years, the movie did not cause a stir despite explicit language nor did Jackson's character begin a riot. In fact…it's been remixed, re-cut and admired by fans and propelled him to success. If you really want to hear Samuel L Jackson raw, check out 'Boondocks'.

Django Unchained trailer

Starring : Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio .

Fans of Tarantino will know from his style of 'over-the-top' stories and 'in-your-face' dialogue, that his narratives are meant to entertain and intrigue, rather than portray accuracy. It is this magic formula that has made Tarantino a household name. I certainly don't take it seriously. Does 'Django Unchained' offend you?

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