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Sony hackers' latest round of threats shows how we have failed

As soon as the Sony hackers made their latest threat it was all over the news and the result is exactly what they were looking for : Free marketing.

The latest demand from the 'Guardians of Peace' group threatens people directly going to movie theaters with even more harsh rhetoric and also includes a reference to a horrific moment in our recent history.

With the planned release of 'The Interview' set for Christmas day, the Sony leak has continued to escalate, with more files emerging on a daily basis and increased pressure on the company despite the fact that this entire debacle was created by an unknown group of people. Some experts have pointed to North Korea, others China, and there's even been a hint of Thailand as a source point of the attack. We simply don't have the information.

Today with a dramatically more alarming threat, the hack remains a nightmare for Sony employees but they shouldn't face it alone.

We're not going to publish the full facts about the threat, but it certainly doesn't deserve to be promoted or sensationalized.

One thing is clear: It has escalated beyond Sony. This is no longer a cyber attack against one company, this is an act of aggression against the United States.

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