Sketch comic films '10 hours of Walking in NYC as a Jew'

It looks like the viral NYC 'harassment video' has inspired other creative talents to produce parody versions of the original.

A new version featuring Scott Rogowksy along with a host of Jewish-faith sidekicks has emerged showing a completely un-serious catcalling montage. Following in the footsteps of the original video, throughout the skit we see a variety of characters emerging from either side of the frame, name calling, teasing and even praying.

Following the Hollaback! campaign's original video, Funny or Die decided to join in as well, with their own male version of the skit:

Then, today, a video emerged from Italy, shot in the same style that also showed some alleged harassment however we can't verify whether it is a parody or a real under-cover.

Is this good parody or making the catcalling situation worse than it is?

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