Going viral : Italian filmmakers expose catcalling in Rome

An exact replica of the Hollaback! viral video has been produced in Rome showing 26-year-old Rachel Brancatisano getting catcalled 100 times in a period of 10 hours.

The video takes us through the heart of Rome where passers by express their affection, like "mio ammorre!" and ask her if she's married.

Released today via Italy's Corriere TV, it would appear that others have been inspired by the original viral video shot on the streets of New York. This latest like-for-like experiment starts out with the actress looking into the camera and adjusting it, then she walks through various back streets and public squares.

If you can speak Italian, this video might have a more resounding impact. Did you get catcalled in Rome? Check out the original for comparison:

(video missing)

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