Singing sensation Katy Shotter

British singer and classical piano player Katy Shotter stole the show at MIDEM this year with her solo performance in the glamorous Martinez Hotel ballroom.

Katy got her big break when she took part in Matthew Knowles' Bootcamp and won the chance of a lifetime to support Beyoncé Knowles on her 2007 UK tour, and was asked again to sing at her New Year show in Las Vegas in 2008. She has since been developing her writing skills, collaborating with songwriter Jack Knight for her new debut album coming out later this year.

Her manager was keen to bring her to MIDEM to showcase her work in Europe as she has spent a considerable amount of time in the US in the past.

Interview with Katy Shotter

Iain: What was it like to be on tour with Beyoncé?

Katy: It was incredible. It was a very surreal year. Before the tour, the only shows I had really done were at school and it wasn't like I had been gigging for 2 years, so all of a sudden I got thrown into the huge Arena world. I learnt so much from watching her every evening after I performed. She is one of the best performers of our day and it's not only her work ethic, but its everything about her and it was a life changing experience.

Iain: Who do you want to collaborate with in the future?

Katy: Obviously it would be her (Beyoncé) because of our collaboration. Probably Alicia Keys too, because she is someone I look up to. Stevie Wonder would be up there. Prince would be incredible, and Amie Winehouse as well.

How did you find the experience of being at MIDEM? What were the highlights of your trip?

Katy: Definitely the performance and meeting all the musicians that I performed with as lot has come out of it and we all got on really well. I am writing with the Yeah Yous who were performing and Newton Faulkner. We have got a writing session in April. A lot of it came out musically, and also getting my name out there was a big buzz for me. Coming off the stage and having people wanting my autograph straight away was a high. Also coming to France, as I had never been before and being my first trip it was incredible and it made me want to come out here even more.

Iain: Do you prefer the UK or US music scene?

Katy: I think both in different ways. The music that comes out of the UK is incredible and when I played a lot of gigs at these music and Jazz nights it made me realize how much talent there is over in the UK.

In America it is different because the market I am approaching is bigger. When I was on tour, it was not a different reaction, but the Soul/RnB market is bigger, so they take it really well. In the UK it is only just starting to come out. You have the Amie Winehouses and Adeles but the UK market is very much built on trend, which is good, but id love to be part of both.

Iain: Where do you go when traveling to the US?

Katy: I work with Jack Knight based in Brooklyn, and I have been traveling there recently. I am going to LA in March to showcase all my new material, but in general I am going between LA and New York.

Katy Shotter in concert

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