Exclusive interview: 'French Hugh Jackman' makes his mark


Spotlight on Nicky Naudé

As we approach the 2013 BAFTAs ceremony, we wanted to highlight a prolific actor who's been called the 'French Hugh Jackman' by his peers and fans..

French actor Nicky Naudé has been in the Hollywood game for many years starring in films such as 'Hitman', 'Crimson Rivers' and 'The Bourne Identity'. Nicky has worked with some of the most recognised actors in movies today, and brings a personal strength and charisma to his work.

Nicky has a diverse background, having trained for several combat roles opposite stars such as Vincent Cassel, and Matt Damon. He has also featured in French dramas and big budget films including the 'Adventures of Arsene Lupin' and Luc Besson's 'Taxi 2' and 'Brotherhood of the Wolf'. The actor has continued to excel in his craft, focussing on both acting and physical training to prepare for different roles.

Check out our exclusive interview with Nicky and get an introduction to France's next big success story…

Interview with Nicky Naudé

Interview conducted by Elise Tallec

Nicky stars in 'Les Reines Du Ring' opposite Nathalie Baye (Catch Me if You can) which comes out June 26th in cinemas.

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