Shocking: 7 films in the official Cannes selection have no marketing

That's right, I could not find any information on 7 of the 9 films screening in this year's official short film selection.

This is a serious problem for short filmmakers who have not made their projects visible on the web. If I can't find it, then mainstream media never well, and that's not good. The honor of being selected in Cannes means that filmmakers in the official selection need to make an extra effort to promote their projects.

I spent 1 hour trying to find traces of the films to see how we could highlight them here on the Film Industry Network. Searching on Google, I couldn't find most of them and the only two projects I did find had very short trailers with bad descriptions, and a lack of information for me to even begin introducing them.

For the others, there were no trailers, not even a web page, or a description that matched what was said on the official Cannes website.

I've been talking about filmmakers missing out this month and why they need to sort out their marketing. My advice to everyone who has their short film screening anywhere, is to get the trailer up for it right now on Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion. Without the visibility, it's not going to get mentioned in the media and no one will know who you guys are. Even for a short film, there needs to be a trailer, and there's no excuse not to make one.

On top of that, without a point of reference, without a solid presence in some form about the film in the competition, again, that's a massive waste. Don't be that person who has their movie sitting on a shelf after Cannes and doesn't get anything out of it. Make it visible. Give us a taste, show us your commitment, because this is a tough industry to get in, and filmmakers will need all the chances they can get to be a success.

I'm looking forward to seeing you guys rise to the challenge!

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