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Schott Productions to shoot film about food and friendship


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Following on the heels of this year’s release of "Dust Nuggets," Schott Productions will soon begin development on a new narrative fiction film entitled "Le Bon Chef."

“We’re really excited to bring this script to life,” said director Tracy Schott. “Le Bon Chef is a timely story of our changing culture, with a funny cast, witty dialogue, and a telling message.”

The story concerns a 50-ish female chef at a top French restaurant going bankrupt as people’s tastes slowly change to vegan, low-carb — everything French food is not. As with their previous projects, "Le Bon Chef" will be filmed in Berks County, PA.

“We’re scouting locations and working on funding in this phase,” says producer Sue Lange. “Unlike our previous projects, we are seeking investors who will have a financial interest in Le Bon Chef.”

To secure seed money, Schott Productions will hold a crowdfunding campaign through Seed & Spark, an online platform geared towards filmmakers. This initial funding is needed to secure a legal team and hire a casting agent to help the production build the roster of 9+ actors.

The film features a diverse cast of characters who bring their kooky life perspectives into the melting pot of "Le Bon Chef." Actors Eric Roberts and Robert Picardo both featured in Schott Productions' "Dust Nugget." Lange and Schott are now finalizing the casting to secure known talent for their upcoming project.

If all goes according to schedule, Schott Productions aims to release the film by the end of 2021.

For further information about the production, visit Le Bon Chef or discover the crowdfunding campaign on Seed and Spark.

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