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Sarah Jones safety app has failed to reach 0.1% of filmmakers

Less than 0.1% of the film industry has downloaded the Sarah Jones safety app despite its mission to help film crews report unsafe conditions and improve safety awareness.

Launched as a free app just a month ago, less than 1000 people have downloaded it via Google Play even though there are over 2 million professionals employed in the U.S film industry alone. The uptake is disappointing following a national chorus for change to protect film crews after the 'Midnight Rider' tragedy.

While the app isn't mean't to revolutionize the film industry, it contains valuable information for film crews and gives them the power to stop unsafe shoots. Launched by 'A Pledge to Sarah', the volunteer group behind the app has made it much easier for people to access information regarding safety and procedures.

What filmmakers get in the app

For people working in the film industry today, the app provides the following resources:

  • Safety Hotlines (live op), including contact details for SAG and the DGA.
  • Ability to report excessive hours and submit proof of unsafe hours.
  • CSATF Safety bulletins.
  • A general code of practice for productions.
  • In-depth documentation covering safety with guns, stunts, aircrafts, railroad hazards, animal handling and many more areas.
  • An FAQ page with guidance on working hours and industry practices.
  • A direct email contact for safety related questions.

You can download the app for free via Google Play or the App Store.

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