Rihanna We Found Love gets 10 million views in less than a week

Rihanna continues to rise in popularity online as her latest collaboration with Calvin Harris on ‘We Found Love’ smashed the 10 million viewership mark on it’s 6th day of release.


While the singer has been in the spotlight for some time it is notable that her videos tend to go viral instantly thanks to her raunchy new outfits, and edgier appearances in each release. This is after all, a Rihanna trademark that gives her audience what they want, but just ahead of it’s launch, it got a lot of attention for another reason. Whilst shooting in Ireland, the singer was told off by a farmer for wearing ‘too little’ in an open field, and the shoot was subsequently moved.

Music videos are more than ever a popular medium because networks like MTV have turned towards reality shows, and audiences are looking online for music videos. Youtube is now the MTV of our generation, and artists are coming up with all kinds of ways to boost viewership ahead of their video releases.

Rihanna and Calvin Harris - We Found Love

I tend to find that the more successful videos in terms of viewership are the ones that have hype built up ahead of their release. Are you about to feature in a music video or shoot your next production? Why not try to build some momentum for it before you release it, and you might find your video becoming a much bigger success.

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