Rihanna too sexy in ‘We Found Love’ for Irish farmer

It’s not the kind of news headline you often read but Rihanna’s stunning bikini figure was just too much for one of Ireland’s local farmers.
Rihanna Farmer We Found Love

There is no question that I would be more than happy to see Rihanna dance in my field, if I owned one, but sometimes revealing slightly too much can cause others to be nervous. Irish farmer Alan Grahman reportedly put a halt to the shoot of ‘We Found Love’ as he objected to Rihanna wearing so little clothing in public. It was subsequently moved to another location. Why is it that music videos are becoming so controversial before they even reach the editing stage?

From Britney Spears’ recent gun possession to Selena Gomez film crews spraying horses pink, there seems to be no end to on-set troubles, but there is a bonus. It generates some early buzz for their singles ahead of time, and viewers are more intrigued to check them out after the incidents.

Aren’t you more intrigued to watch Rihanna’s new video now than before?

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