Rihanna music video ban in France has no effect

Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ music video was too much for France and has been restricted to a 10pm watershed, meaning viewers will have to wait until after 10 to see it aired on their TVs.

As I write this from Paris, I am watching ‘We Found Love’ online and don’t see how a ban for this song will have any effect at all on users as a majority of people log on to Youtube to watch music videos. The practice of banning content has become less and less effective as we move away from TV diffusion because there are currently few restrictions on online video content.

Rihanna is more than likely to benefit from the ban due to the controversy and publicity that surrounds it. In fact, when you restrict content, or ban it, people are even more likely to want it because it’s ‘forbidden’. So, for that I say, it’s up to you whether you want to see it or not but its daytime, and Rihanna is still appearing on my screen and the motivation behind the ban, to restrict its viewership, has completely failed.

Rihanna We Found Love Music Video

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