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Ricky Gervais : "Internet-first shows are the future"


Ricky Gervais talks web, Twitter and 'social experimenting'

Comedian Ricky Gervais has uploaded a new blog post today that goes into detail about how the web is "Pretty fu***ng amazing".

He highlights how his return to Twitter has been a good experience particularly from a digital marketing standpoint and also goes on to talk about his new app that you can download for free (although in an early development phase)

Gervais has also released a new episode of 'Comedians in cars Getting Coffee' which you can check out through his blog.

What Gervais has achieved

Thanks to the social web and blogging, Gervais is able to get feedback from audiences as he makes new material. The web gives him the opportunity to conduct his own research, get in touch with the fan base, and update people on the production process.

I am big fan of this kind of blogging because it goes into the detail behind what's really happening to produce these series. To get Gervais' un-edited, non-BBC neutral view of his own projects is just very cool. It can't get better than this, so I hope he keeps it up, and looks at developing his blog and online presence to be a bigger voice on the web.

Check out the Ricky Gervais Blog

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