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Morgan Freeman’s ‘Momentum’ failed due to bad marketing

Morgan Freeman’s latest adventure in ‘Momentum’ earned a mere £46 at the UK Box Office from 10 cinemas but didn’t fail because of negative reviews.

Despite the abysmal 1 star ratings the film had been getting there was virtually no marketing for it in the UK meaning that people didn’t know about it.

Prior to the film’s release in the UK market there was little press coverage for the film nor advertising campaigns targeting UK based viewers that showed the trailer or teasers. Secondly the trailers themselves on Youtube had under 500,000 views globally which is tiny for a big action film with a budget of $20 million and recognisable stars.

Even if the film was perceived as terrible it would have performed better than this as the genre is popular in the UK. So in the end, because there was a lack of visibility, campaign buildup and even star interviews with key publications, there was no way people were going to hear about this until it failed and in 2015 filmmakers have to market to audiences the day they start production.

Morgan Freeman’s last outing in ‘Ted 2’ earned $81.2m worldwide but it had a wide release as opposed to 10 cinemas for this indie action flick. Over on IMDB 'Momentum' has a 5.5 star rating which is not a disaster for a film release.


‘Momentum’ is directed by Stephen S. Campanelli and stars Olga Kurylenko, James Purefoy, Marian Frizelle and Jenna Saras.

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