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Maria Miller had to quit because of media pressure

Maria Miller faced enormous pressure

Regardless of the outcome of the latest expenses scandal, the culture secretary was forced to resign because of what scrutiny she faced in the media.

It was a done deal that Miller would no longer be able to continue her work in government after the Commons Standards Committee ruled that she would have to repay £5,800 of expenses she claimed.

The original figure was reported to be £45,000 of expenses that should have been paid back, which is an extraordinary sum, although Miller was cleared of wrongdoing and the sum lowered.

Despite this, the media pressure surrounding it and the given hatred around previous MP expenses scandals brewed into what some might call a 'witch hunt'.

The real problem didn't start with Maria Miller. In fact it was an accumulation of anger from the general public being fed up about MPs claiming expenses that's boiled over.

There was no turning back for Miller in the final days leading up to her resignation. The damage was done and it was creating divisions. This also, in a PR sense, was very bad for the government that until a few days ago was on a high thanks to the great economic news.

Who will now replace Miller to head the UK's culture sector?

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